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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


So are you ready for a whole new cycle?

Over the last 11 years we have been on the most negative cycle we have experienced for some time from 2nd December 1992 till 2nd December 2003.

The patterns went through significant change in 1993 and this time it could be very interesting!

Now we are about to embark on an exciting adventure that will last for some time on. I am sure the patterns will depict this in 2004.

As we all know the sunspot cycle is also 11 years and so on we go. If you are interested in learning more on this then have a look here.

Yearly report regarding patterns for 2004






Wilton windmill nr Wilton Wilts.

Reported 7th August 2004

Made of of 7 arms of triangles which consist of two each arm with small circles by each.

“Man made design as tracks found from planking. Bundle twists in centre are broken and twisted as well.”

Farmer will be harvesting this so please do not enter field.

Hillwood Aldbourne Wilts.

Reported 6th August 2004

Ref: SU 242743

Complex pattern of squares with inner circles. Each square has a smaller square attached.

Toot baldon nr Oxford

Reported 5th August 2004

Single circle near a pylon reported to have a complex lay. about 100ft foot near wind damage which is reported to have similar lay.


Reported 1st August 2004

Westbury house east end nr West Meon Hampshire.

This is a 2 ringed circle with a curved shapely design in the centre.

Etchilhampton (2)

ground shots .

Reported 2nd August 2004

West Kennett Longbarrow

Ground shots coming soon.

Woodingdean East Sussex

Reported 8th August 2004

This is a circle with 3 spirograph square spirals in each.

Farmer does not want anyone in his field!!!

Silbury hill Mayan style pattern.

Ground shots here.

Blacklands Golf course nr Calne

reported 6/7th August 2004

Simple circle with a small satellite circle.

Shalbourne Nr Hungerford

Reported 11th August 2004

Ref: SU321638

This is a dual circle that overlaps with fragmented patterns inside.

Reported 25th August 2004

Report from george Bishop.

Spotted a dumbbell 2 miles west of Wincanton (bridge) on the north side of



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