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year report

Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


You can see 2004 patterns here!

Report for 2004.

This years patterns were expected in the way they arrived due to the changeover in energy cycles from 2003/2004. Now we are in a positive cycle after leaving a negative one but it takes a good 6 months to settle and always has. Signs of this through history are obvious. Since this began on 5th April this year 2004 we would not expect to see any real patterns until about 5th October but as the crop will have been harvested by then we will have to wait until 2005 before some real ones like before 1992.

I am sorry to say it but all the patterns we entered into this year we man made. However this does not detract from what we have already stated in that even the man made ones are significant in that they quite possibly could have been manipulated in a telepathic way to initiate them due to the way the earth energy grid system has been for the past 11 years or so.

We had a scattering of real ones through 1992-2003 but we can only gauge from what we saw on the ground as well as sighting from the air.


Obvious signs cannot be ignored when it comes to identifying man made from real. Here are a few. Track lines in the design. This is caused by the planks as the pressure is applied it cannot be applied evenly so a rise or ridge in the crop is formed at the ends of the plank. This causes ridging in the layout which can be seen from the air.

Here are a few to get you familiar with this aspect of analysis.

Example 1, example 2, example 3.

Also stepping or wedging in the walls is also obvious and this is caused as the board is stepped around to form the ring or circle.Each step will cut into the wall .

Then broken stalks, scrapping on stalks both upright as well as downed and many other aspects are taken into consideration when analysing the designs.

As for the telepathic connection well we know from research done at numerous universities especially Otago University in the South Island of New Zealand a number of years ago showed that twins had this ability.

Others  also showed these telepathic signs.

So just because it was put there by hand makes it no less special in that there is a story in the designs as well as a magical energy that still has to be understood.

See our research section on geo energy for more on this subject.

The year was different with lots of miss reporting from Tumuli to wind damage some from qualified people who have worked the patterns for years but it is to be expected when the energy cycles as it can cause confusion and has in the past.

There has also been the usual manipulation of reports and witholding of information even though they have signed up to initiatives that state they will work together. I suppose old habits die hard eh!

So onto next year and I for one am looking forward to it as we expect lots of special designs as this next energy cycle will sort the men from the boys as it were as this one takes us through 2012.

Submitted by Dr Jon Sherwood August 2004.

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