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Aerial shots of the crop circles provided by Lucy Pringle & Steve Alexander and others.


So are you ready for a whole new cycle?

Over the last 11 years we have been on the most negative cycle we have experienced for some time from 2nd December 1992 till 2nd December 2003.

The patterns went through significant change in 1993 and this time it could be very interesting!

Now we are about to embark on an exciting adventure that will last for some time on. I am sure the patterns will depict this in 2004.

As we all know the sunspot cycle is also 11 years and so on we go. If you are interested in learning more on this then have a look here.


















Many thanks to Busty Taylor and Lucy Pringle for their excellent aerial photos


Arrived 28th July 2004 Beneath Adams Grave nr Alton Barnes

Largish pattern about 250-300ft made up of circular lines and internal circles and shapes. This is in the next field west next to the Bumble bee design.

Ground shots click here!

Arrived 28th July 2004

Savernake Forest between marlborough and Froxfield.

Large pattern consisting of a circle with a square complex pattern within.

Ground shots here!

Reported 28th July 2004

Patney nr Chirton nr Devizes.

A circular design with 3 circular patterns around it.

Reported 28th July 2004

Pewsey white horse nr Pewsey

A sequence of capsulated bars done for a commercial advert.


Reported 29th July 2004

West Overton nr Avebury

This was a s shape with small circles at certain points. The farmer wishes no one to enter the field and has since destroyed the pattern.

The report was that this was very rough anyway.

Windmill Hill reported 22nd July 2004

Pattern in Wheat circular in design. Farmer has since destroyed pattern


Etchilhampton Hill Nr Nursteed. Devizes Arrived 25th July 2004

Ref: SU032603

This is a star design with triangular shapes inside and complex bundles and spiral twists at the centre.

Ground pics here.

Windmill Hill glyph inner ground shots. here.

Scratchbury Hill, nr Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July.

Map Ref: ST917431

Single circle with a dot and a curve. Small design.


Coombe Abbey nr Coventry Warwickshire.

Reported 4th July 2004

Ref: SP396794

This is like a spirographic design made up of rings overlapping.


Bury Farm, Nr Pegsdon, Hertfordshire. Reported 10th July.

Map Ref: TL118309

This is a sequence of circles with joining lines.

The Pilgrim's Way, Burham, nr Maidstone Kent. Reported 14th July.

Ring narrow with full circles overlappin at 90 degree angles around 360.

Then smaller circles inside in design.

Please do not enter the field without permission of the owner.

Chewton Mendip, nr Glastonbury, Somerset. Reported 17th July.

Map Ref: ST603533

.Circle design with internal shapes.

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